HTTP headers are the headers of HTTP (head is head already) in every request that the client sends to the server as well as the server's response sent to the client.

Every time we access a url, we will send and receive many HTTP requests, so we will also send and receive many HTTP headers attached.

Because it is "sent and received by the client and the server", the HTTP header will contain mainly information about the client and the server. Specifically, browser information, server configuration information, dates, request page information, data transfer types, etc.

Get HTTP Headers will assist you in learning important data, involving server, content type, HTTP, connection, date and time, amongst others. Through utilizing Get HTTP Headers, you will inspect and learn HTTP headers that a particular web server provides back while you request for a URL. This tool can also work with HTTPS and HTTP URLs.

To use GET HTTP HEADERS you can do as three steps following:

Step 1: Just enter a "URL" to Textbox

Step 2: Click "Get Info" button

Step 3: The result will be noted in "Output" below.