SSL is the abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer, SSL helps to encrypt the relationship between the website and the browser. Of course this encryption must be under the security of SSL. However, now SSL has been completely replaced by TLS with many new features and higher security.

TLS (or more specifically Transport Layer Security ) has the same function as SSL. However, SSL is no longer in use and development today, so we use TLS. The mission and purpose of SSL and TLS is to help you protect your information during transfer process on the internet fulling of turbulence.

HTTP was expanded and developed an additional security called HTTPS.

HTTPS can be used on websites that meet the requirements of SSL or TLS in order to establish a secure connection from it to its server.

By integrating SSL / TLS encryption into your company address. This helps to keep the communication confidential when transmitted.It's useful and extremely easy to understand, isn't it? Important information such as login and password, or bank account, email, personal information ... need to be processed via SSL / TLS.This is a required requirement

Because of the importance of SSL / TLS, our team of talented technicians came up with the idea of a tool to check the accuracy and validity of SSL certificates or any installation issues on your website. Ensuring safety for users, helping a better experience. Please scroll down to see the instruction manual.

To use SSL checker you can do as three steps following:

Step 1: Enter the name of your server that you put your website

Step 2: Click “SSL Check”. When you want to have the certificate of SSL

Step 3: You can see the result in "Output"