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A browser is a software application that helps you easily access web pages while using the internet. Các trình duyệt web phổ biến nhất là Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer và Edge.. At present, Google Chrome is a web browser that is used by many people today thanks to its fast processing speed and originating from Google, Google Chrome has scored points in the eyes of users from the first versions.

You can use different browsers for a variety of reasons. While some of these differences may seem trivial in nature, it's really common that websites work well on one browser and not so good on another. Therefore, it is important to use a handy tool like WHAT IS MY BROWSER to get the necessary information that can help you troubleshoot technical issues that may arise due to your browser.

What is my browser is a simple but effective tool available at EasyTools. The tool is very user-friendly and simple, letting you know useful browser details when it fetches browser-related information. With the help of this useful tool, you can not only learn about your browser, but once you know all the relevant details, you can also decide if you need an update. browser or not.

By using this tool, you can know about your browser, its version, user agent, and OS.

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With the friendly and intuitive interface, you can easily use this tool by going to the EasyTools website, accessing the "WHAT IS MY BROWSER" tool on the homepage.

Don't let you wait long, the "WHAT IS MY BROWSER" tool will show you the information your browser is using with a lot of information such as your browser name, its version, user agent, and OS.